Since NetBIOS is a broadcast traffic on UDP port 137, an address object needs to be configured for the broadcast IP address Select Network | Address Objects and add a new address object. Name: NetBIOS; Zone Assignment: LAN; Type: Host; IP Assignment:; Adding broadcast address to SSLVPN services group

The issue is the apparent requirement that we open NetBIOS ports through the SSL VPN device so SMS can communicate with its client-side agents. Repeated discussions with Microsoft haven’t turned NetBIOS Enumeration - Technical Navigator Basics NetBIOS provides us Commutation in LAN(local area network). generally, NetBIOS work on port- 137(UDP), 138(UDP), 139(TCP) I think only windows have NetBIOS services. All the higher version from Windows 2000, have the NetBIOS service. NetBIOS can show you a lot of information about a Windows machine. and always remember that NetBIOS isn’t a protocol, […] GRC | Port Authority, for Internet Port 138 This is the second port of the original "NetBIOS trio" used by the first Windows operating systems (up through Windows NT) in support of file sharing. For additional information about this trio of Internet ports, please see the "Background and Additional Information" for the first port of the trio, port 137. Trojan Sightings: Chode NetBScanner - NetBIOS scanner NetBIOS scan uses UDP port 137 to send and receive the NetBIOS data. If this port is blocked by your computer or in the remote network computers that you scan, the NetBIOS scan will not work. When you run NetBScanner in the first time, you might get a warning from the Firewall of Windows.

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Your domain's NetBIOS name is the pre-Windows 2000 entry in the same tab. Domain NetBIOS names generally do *not* contain a period. Related Articles. Ports scanned or used by Lansweeper . Below is an overview of ports scanned by Lansweeper on client machines and ports used for internal communication between Lansweeper. Security group rules for AWS | NetApp Cloud Docs Port Destination Purpose; Active Directory. TCP. 88. Active Directory forest. Kerberos V authentication. TCP. 139. Active Directory forest. NetBIOS service session. TCP. 389. Active Directory forest. LDAP. TCP. 445. Active Directory forest. Microsoft SMB/CIFS over TCP with NetBIOS framing. TCP. 464. Active Directory forest. Kerberos V change What Is NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output System)? – POFTUT

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Frequently, the 16th octet, called the NetBIOS Suffix, designates the type of resource, and can be used to tell other applications what type of services the system offers. In NBT, the name service operates on UDP port 137 (TCP port 137 can also be used, but rarely is). The name service primitives offered by NetBIOS are: NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT, or sometimes NetBT) is a networking protocol that allows legacy computer applications relying on the NetBIOS API to be used on modern TCP/IP networks.. NetBIOS was developed in the early 1980s, targeting very small networks (about a dozen computers). Some applications still use NetBIOS, and do not scale well in today's networks of hundreds of computers when NetBIOS is TCP port 139 (session services) NetBIOS over TCP/IP is specified by RFC 1001 and RFC 1002. The Netbt.sys driver is a kernel -mode component that supports the TDI interface. Services such as workstation and server use the TDI interface directly, NetBIOS over TCP/IP (also called NBT) seems to slowly supersede all the other NetBIOS variants. NBT provides three services: NetBIOS Name Service: /NBNS on UDP (or TCP) port 137 (similar to DNS and also known as WINS on Windows) NetBIOS Datagram Service: /NBDS on UDP port 138, rarely used . NetBIOS Session Service: /NBSS on TCP port 139 . History NetBIOS allows computers and applications to communicate with network hardware, and allow data to be transmitted properly over a network. For example, Microsoft Windows computers that are named in a workgroup and not a domain use NetBIOS names, which are converted to IP addresses. NetBIOS commonly communicates on ports 137, 138, and 3 SMB revisited. If used over NetBIOS see above. If used native (port 445/port), each SMB message is preceded by a shim NetBIOS 'session message' prefix (type 0x00, 4 bytes long, includes the length of the message). Presumably this is required to specify the length of the message. A Wireshark capture listening on UDP port 137 will show NetBIOS Name Query packets. This capture will help you verify if NetBIOS traffic is still present on your network, and identify the source of the queries. Disabling NetBIOS can (and should) be accomplished from both sides of the client/server model.