Feb 06, 2020 · Ubuntu is the base for Linux Mint, so Ubuntu is always one step ahead. And now, Linux Mint has aligned itself with the two-year Long-Term Support (LTS) release cycle of Ubuntu. This means that Ubuntu and Linux Mint will be different by the time the next LTS release becomes available.

Mint XFCE VS Xubuntu - Linux Mint Forums Oct 04, 2016 Lighter in CPU/Memory Usage: Lubuntu or Xubuntu - Ask Ubuntu I have read both Lubuntu and Xubuntu (The homepages, wikipedia, phoronix and other sites comparing both). But from experience, which one uses less memory and is less CPU intensive. I need to install them in very old hardware and want to persuade the owner of the hardware of the benefits of Ubuntu. Linux Mint vs Ubuntu in 2019: Which One is the Winner First Look. Ubuntu. It is one of the most popular Linux Distro and is built for new users that are …

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu : A comparative overview

Download Respin 7 (March 2017), install Libreoffice and then compare, for example, opening Libreoffice Writer inside Peppermint 7, Extix 17.04, Lubuntu 16.10, Xubuntu 16.04, Backbox 4.7, Linux Mint 18.1 Xfce an Mate or Linux Lite 3.4 (and others). Sep 10, 2018 · In this video, I will be comparing Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint 19 side by Side and in depth, and as you know, I'll keep it short and on point. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are the top 2 Linux

Mint is actually based off Ubuntu, but the two have grown apart quite a bit. However, they're both designed to be an easy, usable experience for beginners—they just take different approaches to it.

Jan 05, 2019 · Quick overview – Linux Mint Cinnamon vs Ubuntu (18.04+) If you’re too lazy to go through our detailed comparison, check the table below for a quick overview. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, so they are quite similar to begin with. Whichever one you like better. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Linux Mint 19 are the same thing, just packaged differently. What the Mint team does is take the latest Ubuntu LTS release, and package it with its own software. Nov 22, 2019 · Linux mint comes with better driver support for hardware. If you have an NVidia GPU then Linux mint has a much better driver support as compared to Ubuntu. All the major codecs come bundled with Linux mint but this is not the case in Ubuntu, where you will have to install them manually. You may want to read: Linux mint 19.1 features. Community Introduction on Linux Mint vs Ubuntu. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are most of the two popular operating systems by Linux. They are portable and user-friendly. In earlier days, Ubuntu was considered as the most reliable and good choice by the people but now it is beaten by Linux Mint which is trending in the market. Jun 30, 2020 · Linux Mint. Clément Lefèbvre started Linux Mint in 2006, only a few years after Ubuntu. There was considerable experimentation in the early days, as the Mint developers decided how to structure the technical aspects of the desktop. They eventually landed on making Linux Mint fully compatible with the Ubuntu desktop. Linux Mint vs Lubuntu for an old laptop I've heard many great things about this OS and I've decided that I want to try it out before getting on my main desktop. So I have this old laptop that is more than 10 years old with 1gb RAM, 60gb HDD, an integrated intel graphics card and some intel core duo processor.