How can I clear recent searches from search bar in Chrome

Delete Search History of Safari, Chrome, Firefox Browsers Web search history is a stored list of search queries you have made via a search engine. The search history is stored in a search engine, such as Google, and it is usually tied to your Google account. In short, Google search history is stored on the Internet, so if you want to clear search history, you need to go online and do this in your How to clear Recent tabs history in Chrome Jul 23, 2019

How to Clear Autocomplete History in Google Chrome

How to delete Search History in OWA (Outlook Web App ) in Aug 14, 2017 How To Clear Your Search History - Chrome, Firefox, Safari Aug 06, 2019

That said, you can also selectively delete an entire site from your browsing history. Pull up Chrome’s history, search for the site’s domain and extension (, for example), click on

Apr 12, 2018